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My name is Wayne Ross. I'm an average looking guy with a small pot belly who could never attract women on my looks alone. Women would take one look at me and go the other way. For years I lived in seclusion and unhappiness because I could not meet women.


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Letter #1- Overcome Rejection- you will never again fear being turned down. The secret method to overcome rejection once and for all.


Letter #2- How to have women beg for you and keep them coming back.


Letter #3- Become a master of conversation with women by using the oeq technique. With this technique you will never again fear talking to any woman, no matter how beautiful.


Letter #4- How to meet dozens of women using the supply and demand law.


Letter #5- How to get nearly any beautiful woman to go out with you by saying a few simple words. I guarantee if you say these words to the next beautiful woman you want to take out, she will most definitely go out with you.


Letter #6- How Bill, a bald ugly guy with an average income, gets dozens of women to fall in love with him. You can too by the same technique.


Letter #7- "Ask The Question."


Letter #8- Meet 10 to 15 women a month with a simple personal ad that costs you nothing- My friend John does. The ad is already written for you.


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Jim- "I could never talk to women. I would freeze whenever I tried to approach a woman and talk to her. I would always clam up any time I got near a beautiful woman. Your oeq technique in your confidential letter #3 really made me a master of conversation with women. I'm never at loss for words with beautiful women. Thanks Wayne."


Joe- "Wayne, thanks for your confidential letter #5. I wanted to go out with this beautiful woman that works at the bank I go to. I asked her out many times but she always turned me down. When I read your confidential letter #5 on how to get any beautiful girls to go out with you I knew I would succeed. I used the exact words you said to use when I asked her out again and guess what. She said yes. Thanks again.


You can do the same things these guys did. Become a super ladies man and expert at talking to women just by following the advice in my confidential letters. When you master the c and h techniques as described in the letter #2 you will have dozens of women wanting to make love to you. This is a powerful method.




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Before I write about anything I ask my hundreds of female friends if the information I write about would work. Don't rely on other authors of books on meeting and dating women just because they think they know what works. You must go directly to the source and I do by having beautiful women read everything I write and getting their advice. So you can be assured so what I'm telling you works.




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Wayne Ross


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